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Creative thinking, brilliant writing, superlative oral advocacy, extraordinary familiarity with the judges—these are qualities clients should expect from appellate attorneys. What sets us apart is our intimate understanding of our clients’ goals and making their achievement our number one priority. Our experience and unrelenting focus on results makes us the smart choice for appellate litigation. Ford • Conlon • Gerberding • Grier has been successful in preserving favorable trial court results and overturning unfavorable ones. Our attorneys have successfully argued in the Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Appellate advocacy requires skills that are similar to, but distinctly different from, those used during a trial. Arguments cannot be made to an appellate court in the same way they are made to a jury. Issues that are important at trial may not be significant to an appellate judge. Issues that appeared less important during trial may take on added significance at the appellate level. As a result, it is often advisable to have a different attorney take a fresh look at a case when it goes up on appeal, in either a consulting role or as new lead counsel for the appeal.

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