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At Ford • Conlon • Gerberding • Grier, we represent commercial banks, trustees, real estate investment trusts, and other lenders that have made secured and unsecured loans to businesses that later experience economic difficulties. Our services range from negotiating out-of-court work-outs to litigating or resolving an array of issues prior to or during bankruptcy proceedings.

We also work closely with businesses facing serious financial issues and develop strategies to effectively resolve the challenges. These strategies include working out-of-court with various creditor and customer constituents, preparing and filing for Chapter 11 relief and addressing all pertinent issues across multiple legal disciplines. We believe it is critical to develop a well thought out and realistic plan as early in the process as possible. This approach creates realistic expectations of the parties to a work-out or bankruptcy and maximizes the opportunity to be successful and minimize costs.

We also act as debtor’s counsel in personal bankruptcies. We are equally able to apply our expertise in commercial and secured transactions and bankruptcy and reorganization law to further the interests of debtors and bankruptcy trustees and bring to the process an understanding of the cost/benefit analysis that drives each business decision. In representing chapter 11 debtors, we apply a philosophy of moving the case to confirmation quickly in order to minimize costs and disruption to our clients’ lives. From the preparation of the bankruptcy petition to the confirmation and consummation of the plan of reorganization, we utilize the skills and knowledge gleaned from years of representation of both debtors and creditors to attain this goal.

For more information on our Bankruptcy Law practice contact us at 231-946-2700 or 1-800-968-8577.

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