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Municipal, Zoning, & Land Use

Ford • Conlon • Gerberding • Grier represents a broad spectrum of clients in connection with municipalities, zoning and land use matters, including, for example, drafting and administration of Ordinances and representing land owners in securing land use approvals. Our lawyers regularly deal in issues of compliance, variances, preparation of ordinances, drainage and runoff issues, wetlands regulation, environmental impact reviews and historic preservation issues. From small businesses seeking access or zoning authority, to developers involved in planning communities or redevelopment of urban areas, our attorneys are widely recognized by owners, developers and municipal officials as leaders in the field of zoning and land use planning. We help our clients obtain zoning relief, building approvals, wetlands orders of condition and other local permits, as well as the highway access permits, water quality certifications and waterways licenses needed from the state. The firm also has substantial experience representing county road commissions.

For more information on our municipal, zoning, and land use practice contact us at 231-946-2700 or 1-800-968-8577.

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