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Freeware Corner

Freeware Corner: The best, most useful or just plain fun freeware on the ‘net!

If you’re like me, your computer monitor is littered with various colors of those ubiquitous “sticky” notes, reminding you of all sorts of important “to do’s” and deadlines you just cannot afford to miss, whether business or personal. And, if you’re like me, those little rascals keep trying to abandon ship and wind up on your desk, floor, or even under your palms as you type. What a mess!

I recently found a clever little program that replaces all those paper notes by creating electronic sticky notes that you can “stick” anywhere on your monitor. You can make them any color, any size, and can even set them to alert you with an alarm for any meeting or other deadline.

I now have a lot of colorful e-notes tucked in the corners of my monitor and am never happier than when I get around to deleting them after accomplishing the task they are set to remind me about. And they are cool to look at before being discarded, unlike my former mish-mash of shriveled and ink-smudged paper notes.

Try the program; it’s not only useful and fun, but it’s free!